An opinion piece by: Shawn Pino

Jeremiah 23:28 - KJV

"The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD."


I want to share a dream I had several years ago. There isn't really much to it.  However, I feel compelled  to write about it now.  

I quoted the above passage in Jeremiah because it is a stern chastisement of false prophets. I am not claiming to be a prophet, nor do I have moral high ground from which to look down upon you. I do however, have a message from God for anyone who may read this;

In my dream, I was alone in a shopping mall near my hometown. Every store was locked up.  Gates were down and black plastic hung eerily behind them.  The feeling of a looming nightmare hung eerily about in the air.

I found myself standing a few feet inside the main entrance, and I decided to go to my left.  As I walked, I noticed a store with a gate still open about waist high.

I went under the gate and walked through a maze of flowing, light colored sheets hanging from the ceiling.  As I turned a corner, I came upon what was once a checkout counter.  Laying on top of the counter was a body covered with a white sheet. 

I decide to pull the sheet off the body to see its face but as I do, things get fuzzy and blurred. I get the feeling that the dream went on for some time, but when things next become clear, I am standing on the left side of Jesus. We are standing outside the gate with our backs to it, only now the gate was closed completely. 

The Lord is clothed in white and I tremble inside with a nervous energy to be in his presence.  I ask The Lord a question, like we were in the middle of a conversation. " What should I tell them?" I ask.

He looked at me and replied,  " Tell them... soon".

I woke up immediately after his words were spoken. The dream has been sealed in my mind ever since.

There it is...Soon.


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